Welcome to Flamingideas

Hello and welcome to flamingideas.

This blog is not just for Partylite candles, I will eventually add other ideas. Please feel free to have a look and don't be frightened to book a party. Lots of incentives for hostess and guests; all will be posted on this page.

I have posted several pictures of different products from the latest brochure and will add different special offers as they change.

Hostess - Guest offers for August

Hostess 25% commission with sales of £165 and 1 booking.

Global Fusion Frame for £10.95 usually £27.35

Hurricane, candle pilar for £19.95 usually £54.75

Budha for £13.95 usually £30.25

Guest speacial tealight 1/2 price now £3.40

Friday, 20 March 2009

Book a party in May

May is another great month to book a party. Great hostess and guest reduced items with any purchase from the book look on http://www.partylite.co.uk/ Look under host a party, attend a party.

15% Commission for the hostess with 2 party bookings + extra gift, 25% off any additional item from the book.

Interested? Please email me with your name and number and I will call you back to arrange a party contact flamingideas@hotmail.co.uk

Both guests and hostess benefit from Parthlite bargains
Lucky Squares

Squares are numbered 1-50 and cost £2.00 each. At the end of the party, the raffle is drawn and the lucky winner receives however much has been collected. For instance 20 squares = £40. Before becoming a Consultant I won £64 at a friends party and was able to purchase a large Hurricane.

Be lucky!!

I will post names of lucky winners here:

Party 30th April winner Sophie £30 to spend in the patylite book

Party 27th April winner Maz £14 to spend in the partylite book

Party 18th April winner WIOLETTA £56 to spend in partylite book

Party 17th April winner JANET £42 to spend in partylite book

Party 4th April winner LYNNE BROCKING £28 to spend in partylite book